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                    The Nanjing Vought was established in September 2001, is a high-tech enterprises. The company is committed to the development of automotive safety restraint system development and production and sales. The company has developed products include: car seat belts, car tightening belts, pretension force limiters seat belt, etc., has six national patents, is the first with the development, management, production of automotive seat belt system enterprise. The company has strong technical force, production, testing equipment in one. Implementation of national standards, to carry out the end of the manufacturing process, internal control enterprise standard stricter than the national standard.

                    Leading products: car seat belts, tightening belts, pretensioners and related products.
                    Main Product Model: WT01, WT02, WT05, WT08
                    Major customers: Zhejiang Geely, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Zotye Auto, Zhejiang DeFazio and other.
                    The company is China the CNCA 3C certification enterprises, and have pass the ISO9001: 2000 and TS16949 certification is expected before the end of June 2010 through EMARK certification.
                  Now form an annual output of 200,000 pre-tensioners and 1.15 million seat belt production line and the corresponding ability to sell the security indicators such as environmental testing, function testing, safety testing of products. Companies adhering to the scientific and rational management system, advanced equipment, high-tech applications, a good quality of staff and forge ahead.

              Major honors granted:
              1, the company has four of the national patent: ZL 02 2 01,980.4 ZL 02 2 666,290.1 ​​ZL 02 2 66289.8 ZL 02 2 66286.9
              2,2003 products are included in the National SME Innovation Fund project "

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